Emily Phan



Currently 8.5 million US citizens are unemployed. We learned that giving people skills is more valuable than placing them in jobs.



Elevate gives people the tools and resources they need to enter the workforce. Elevate lives on a truck which is the platform for all of our services. It goes to different locations to meet the needs of different types of people, it’s a service that comes to you.

Elevate is a student group project for the 2015 Microsoft Design Expo. We were challenged to create an inclusive design. 



I collaborated with 5 design students who are Mae Boettcher, Acacio Domar, Maddy Harrison, Annie Pyle, and Lauren Rakusin. We all conducted research and ideation, however specifically Acacio Domar filmed the stop motion, Annie Pyle created the video, Lauren was the head script writer with Mae who also created the presentation deck, and I designed the visuals and built a majority of the legos.


More to Come!

More information about this project will be updated soon!